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EGGS-CITING Easter Offer

Gold Rises 1% Boosted by Technical Buying
After Crossing the $1,300 Mark


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How to buy Gold

KK Bullion makes investing in the rising gold market easy, secure and convenient.
We have been selling gold to investors for over 5 years, whether you are investing in gold for the first time or you are a seasoned investor we can offer just the right bars and coins for you, regardless the size of your investment.

Why buy Gold from KK Bullion?

All our bars and coins are London Bullion Market Approved 24 carat bars of 99.99% fineness investment grade bars. All our coins are authorised by the famous Royal Mint.
All our bullion products and coins are offered at the lowest margins and our price contain no hidden extras. Our insured next day delivery service is backed by our knowledgeable customer service team who are always on hand should you have any questions or queries.
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Why invest in Gold?

Gold, unlike money will always have an inherent value as it is not a debt based currency. Gold’s appeal is well documented throughout history and can be traced back to the Aztec times all the way to the modern day.

The metals unique qualities serve it as both a decorative item but also as the perfect insurance for your portfolio. Its zero counter party risk and low correlation to other assets reduce risk within your portfolio, on the basis that when your other investments returns fall gold flourishes.

These strategic asset allocation qualities set gold as the ultimate means for wealth preservation.

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Why Invest in Silver?

Demand for silver has risen both as an investment and for industrial purposes and it is often thought that silver is the secondary metal to gold to invest in. Ideally it is good to have a holding in both and gold and silver in order to have a fully diversified portfolio.

Silver is known as a speculative investment and is a volatile metal to invest in, continuous fluctuations in the silver price make it a good metal to seek opportunities to buy and sell.

Between 2008 to 2011 silver has dramatically risen by 233% this is a huge rise in price – even outdoing gold!

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Why Invest in Platinum?

Platinum comes under the precious metals group and is a relatively scarce precious metal, the majority of mining and reserves held are in South Africa.

With global demand growing for platinum, this provides the perfect time to invest.  Unlike gold in times of economic stability and certainty platinum is often twice the price of gold, whereas in times of economic turmoil the price often falls along with demand.

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Why Invest in Palladium?

Palladium is a rare and lustrous metal, white and silvery in colour , this rare earth metal attracts a lot of investor interest.

Its high purity content puts palladium in to the precious metals group and makes it one of the rarest metals in the world.

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Gold retail figures up 31%

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A recent report by Thomson Reuters has shown that during 2013 gold retail figures actually rose 31% despite the apparent ETF outflows that dominated the media hype surrounding the yellow metal….

Gold jumps to 3 week high

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Gold jumps to 3 week high to $1,326 following rising escalations in Ukraine.  Meanwhile both Platinum and Silver and palladium has risen in price. So far, gold has rallied 11%…

Gold IS the perfect diversifier

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Gold is the perfect diversifier, against both hyperinflation and deflation.  Jeffrey Gundlach CEO DoubleLine Capital commented on Thursday, the global economy could well see another deflationary scare and re-affirmed his…

Gold continues gains for a third day running

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Gold continues gains as minutes from the latest Fed policy meeting show that officials are not too keen on raising the interest rates in the immediate future. Despite gold starting…