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Why Invest in Silver?

Demand for silver has risen both as an investment and for industrial purposes and it is often thought that silver is the secondary metal to gold to invest in.
Ideally it is good to hold a little silver and gold in order to achieve a fully diversified portfolio.
Silver is known as a speculative investment and is a volatile metal to invest in due to the continuous fluctuations in  price. This makes it a good metal to trade in, as there are many opportunities to buy and sell.

Between 2008 to 2011 silver has dramatically risen by 233% this is a huge rise in price – even outdoing gold!

invest in silverinvest in silver

VAT on Silver?

Silver unlike gold is subject to VAT. However if you intend to keep silver as a long term investment often the added tax is recovered along with a return.

CGT on Silver?

British legal tender whether gold or silver is exempt from CGT. This is a useful benefit especially for those seeking to invest in the Silver Britannia.

Invest in Silver: Silver Best Sellers

1oz Silver Britannia – this is a favourite for British Investors due to its English heritage and being CGT free.
1oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf – popular for their low margins and flexibility – noted for their ease of storage also.
1Kg Silver Bar – these provide great value for money, whilst being very flexible, popular with investors looking to diversify.
1oz Silver Eagle Coin – this is recognised as a attractive coin and is a lovely gift for any occasion.

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